Shocking Truth Revealed! – Why Steve Can’t Retract Obvious falsehoods, lies, slander, attacks, stupid Mistakes.


On March 26 Steve posted on his website that he had read this website.  He has to know therefore, that Mike McCallum was not a Selectman when the Town lost the fire truck.  And yet, three days later, his site continues to claim that McCallum, in his capacity as selectman, was responsible for it.  Why can’t he erase this post and apologize?

If he erased the section about the fire truck, he’d have to erase the section about McCallum’s abandoned house on Erickson Road, since ALL lots with 2 acres and 200 feet of frontage are taxed as house lots, whether or not they have an occupied house, an  unoccupied house or no house at all.  There is no such thing as grandfathering of house lots that meet acreage and frontage requirements.

And since he now admits on his site that Janet Flinkstrom’s house actually exists, he would have to remove the post that says it doesn’t exist as well.

But if he was to remove these incorrect allegations he’d have to remove the posting about Harald Scheid buying land without the Town exercising a right of first refusal, which the Town didn’t have, since the land in question was not Chapter land.  Under the laws in America, one private landowner can sell land to another private landowner without government permission.

Of course, if following the law dictated what was posted on the site, then he’d have to erase the post about the home occupation carpentry business run by Alan Pease, since home occupations are specifically allowed in the residential/agricultural zone which covers most of the Town.

And if facts are to dictate what’s on his website, he would have to eliminate the post about the uninsured town money, since the auditors admitted in writing that they had made a mistake and in fact all the money had been continually insured and the town money was never at risk.

But then he’d have to delete all references to the Ashby Market receiving free water, since Bill Arnold came into the BOS meeting on March 25 and declared quite emphatically that he was told he would have to pay $9000 to hook up to the water system, which was fine with him.

And then he’d have to remove the ‘no check’ statements, since in fact Town employees did not receive checks because of his refusal to sign the payroll warrant.  Only when the other two selectmen could arrange a meeting were the employees paid.

Which would leave us with the action that started this whole fiasco – he refused and continues to refuse to sign payroll and vendor warrant and claims this doesn’t matter.

What is left on the website after all the obvious mistakes are removed?  A helpful phone number to call the FBI if you suspect a public official is involved in corruption, and an email from a resident recommending that you vote for someone besides Steve Ingerson.  Good advice, if we ever saw it.

As the Bard said four centuries ago in Macbeth:

“It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.”